Hillsborough, Northern Ireland

Ecology Solutions was appointed to review survey and assessment work undertaken by others in relation to impacts of a proposed residential scheme on a Badger sett discovered during works to a hedgerow. The impacts arising, on what had been documented to be a main sett, were the last hurdle to be overcome during the planning process. The level of protection afforded to Badgers meant that the presence of the sett represented an impasse in terms of delivering a legally compliant planning permission, with no licensed closure for a main sett being a realistic possibility. Led by Karl Goodbun, Ecology Solutions sought in the first instance to qualify that the sett was not in fact likely to be a main sett and presented evidence to this effect. However, in the absence of being able to fully satisfy the statutory authority in such matters, Ecology Solutions advised on appropriate scheme modifications. These modifications fully addressed concerns relating to the Badgers whilst maintaining the viability of the scheme. All matters were resolved to the satisfaction of the client and planning permission was granted.

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