All wild birds are protected while nesting under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981.  Certain species (such as Barn Owl) benefit from a higher level of protection, being listed on Schedule 1 of the Act, while others are listed on Annex I of the Birds Directive.  

Ecology Solutions’ expert ornithologists are able to assess the effects on bird species as a result of development, which may include new construction, changes in use of waterbodies or wind turbine operation, as well as potential impacts on aviation.  We are able to carry out Birdstrike Risk Assessments of new developments, and liaise closely with the relevant Aerodrome Safeguarding Officers.  In certain circumstances it is possible to address the effects of problem species under the General Licence; Ecology Solutions is able to advise on this issue, which can be a particular problem where these species nest in buildings to be demolished or renovated.

Surveys for breeding birds are typically undertaken from April to June, with work to consider wintering birds carried out from November to February.