Our team of specialist ecologists have extensive experience in protected species licence applications. Many species and plants in the United Kingdom are protected under UK and European law, and actions resulting in their disturbance or destruction can incur criminal penalties including fines and, in serious cases, imprisonment.

Consequently, development projects in areas inhabited by protected species may require a Protected Species Licence application in order for the development to proceed. These licences are issued by Natural England and provide detailed actions for the development of the relevant project in order to minimise disturbance and risk to any protected species present within the site.

 At Ecology Solutions we have extensive experience in gaining licences for the development of sites inhabited by protected species. Licences may pertain to surveys, enabling a full assessment of the ecological features of a site, or development, providing legal consent for development activities to proceed. In particular, we specialise in licence applications for bats, Badgers, Great Crested Newts, Otters, Water Voles and Dormice, and also have experience in licences for fully protected reptile species (Sand Lizard and Smooth Snake). After following correct licensing procedures, we are then able to implement licensed migration strategies to facilitate development activities while ensuring that Favourable Conservation Status is maintained.

In certain circumstances, licences may not be required for mitigation programmes to be implemented. Ecology Solutions assesses each site individually and advises clients on a case by case basis.

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