Rugby Sustainable Urban Extension

Ecology Solutions has advised on the design and delivery of Rugby SUE since its inception, steering ecological mitigation from broad principles through to detailed design and implementation. Now in receipt of planning permission, the Rugby SUE proposals are in the process of delivering up to 6,200 homes alongside infrastructure including new schools, employment land and a high quality green infrastructure network.

Ecology Solutions has worked closely with Urban & Civic (as the master developer) and ecology consultees throughout the planning process to develop a novel approach to infrastructure delivery which maximises opportunities for ecological enhancement whilst streamlining planning and construction works in line with developer requirements. The adopted approach delineates the design and delivery of ecological mitigation from the delivery of built form, with the creation of a dedicated green infrastructure network fulfilling the site’s mitigation requirements outside of development plots. This process in turn enables European Protected Species licences to be obtained prior to the detailed design of built form, greatly expediating the overall development programme. The mitigation approach adopted for the site gives regard to a wide range of protected species, not least Great Crested News and bats, with Ecology Solutions continuing to advise on bespoke mitigation strategies, habitat creation and the implementation of licensable works.

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