Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal

Ecology Solutions has worked closely with Prologis and a wider design team to secure consent for DIRFT III, a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project which will deliver 1.6 million square feet of new logistics development, new rail and road infrastructure and a 193 acre nature reserve known as Lilbourne Meadows.

Alongside advising on wider scheme delivery, Ecology Solutions led the design of Lilbourne Meadows, collaborating with a range of ecology consultees through quarterly workshops to secure the delivery of a diverse wetland reserve. The detailed design of Lilbourne Meadows will ensure its value as a multi-faceted resource, providing an essential role in flood alleviation, ensuring opportunities for recreation and, critically, delivering a high naturalistic resource which provides enhanced opportunities for the site’s protected species, not least Great Crested Newts, roosting bats and breeding Curlew. Following their engagement in highly constructive workshops during earlier stages of planning, the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire has since become the adopted land managers of Lilbourne Meadows and alongside Ecology Solutions continue to advise Prologis on habitat creation, management and monitoring across Lilbourne Meadows as the scheme is built out.

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