Ecology Solutions is experienced in the creation, re-creation and restoration of a wide range of habitats, working closely with our clients to develop an effective habitat management strategy to enhance the biodiversity of development sites and mitigate impact to protected species.

Effective habitat management is an essential element of any development site. This may include the creation or restoration of habitats by establishing new hedgerows, ponds or wooded areas, or, in the case of habitat loss due to development, the translocation of plants or soil from the original habitat to a new area of the site. Certain development sites may be in poor condition ecologically; in this case, our specialist ecologists would draw up and implement an ongoing management strategy to improve biodiversity, such as by introducing grazing or mowing into a grassland or thinning out tree canopies to introduce light to the woodland floor.

In order to enable our clients to efficiently achieve their development objectives in compliance with regulations, our policy-driven habitat restoration and creation plans provide clear and detailed mitigation and enhancement strategies for species such as bats, Badgers and Great-Crested Newts, as well as broader habitat enhancement measures to maximise general biodiversity.

We assess the needs of each development on a project-by-project basis, working closely with the client, site managers and other landscaping specialists to propose and implement solutions which benefit the ecological features of the site, with a constant focus on ensuring full compliance with planning and legal requirements.

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