Development sites in the United Kingdom may be assessed according to industry quality standards that assess and certify projects based on the social, economic and environmental sustainability of new constructions and developments.

In order to favour a positive rating for your project, at Ecology Solutions we offer a full range of services relating to the current BREEAM and CEEQUAL standards pertaining to a site’s ecological value and sustainability.

BREEAM: An internationally recognised sustainability assessment aimed at promoting the effective use of resources in construction developments. Objectives and targets are identified for each project and credits are awarded when targets are achieved. At the end of the assessment, a final performance rating is awarded based on the total number of credits.

 CEEQUAL: An international evidence-based assessment for civil engineering projects promoting the development of appropriate strategies and the use of environmental and social best practices. The scheme offers different award types applicable to different projects and provides a final overall rating based on rigorous assessment.

Our team of Suitably Qualified Ecologists (SQEs) can advise clients on the ecological and environmental aspects of the BREEAM and CEEQUAL schemes, including the enhancement of ecological value and the safeguarding of existing wildlife interest, and the implementation of appropriate measures to favour the award of credits required for a positive rating.

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